Fixing music royalties
with web3 solutions

The existing process for collection and distribution of royalties is outdated. Global use of music
(radio, retail / commercial, gaming, streaming…) is slow & opaque, and reporting usage is complicated with existing tech.

We’re building the tools and gathering the data required for a complete revolution in the global royalty distribution. 

Music NFTs Soundpickr

The home for the future of music data

In order to improve transparency in the way music is consumed, we’re building the largest music database to report usage clearly and with accessible data.

We understand tokens to be the future of how fans & label invest in artists. The best way to improve adoption is to offer rich data.

Largest database of web3 songs

NFT songs offer the easiest way to report and collect royalties faster & with the lowest costAs an added value to our partners, we have a NFT store as an outlet for artists & labels generate extra revenue.  

Eco-friendly tech

Our tech is built on Solana – the fastest & most energy efficient blockchain.

This allows us to offer low fees so that creators get higher revenues, while looking after the environment.

We’re committed to supporting a positive change in the music industry and being kind to the planet throughout that journey.

Fast & transparent

The cheapest network fees allows artists to take more money for every NFT sold & licensed song.

As a data-first platform, we can offer the most detailed reports & transparent data for musicians & gamefi partners

Joining data with the largest host of NFT songs, we aim to become the go to platform to collect web3 royalties.

Secure & inclusive

We care about your IP.

Our verification process is simple and permits artists to generate register songs as NFTs, while giving confidence to consumers that what they’re consuming is the real thing.

This way, smaller artists can gain higher discoverability and attract valuable web3 opportunities.

The core team
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez
Piero Nanni
Piero Nanni
Ricart Juncadella
Ricart Juncadella
Lead Dev / Web3
Cris Acconci
Cris Acconci
Advisors & Partners

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