Bam Keith's first music NFT drop

Since 2020, Bam Keith has produced thousands of records while releasing his own music and is now a top producer in Kansas City and gaining global recognition.

His early industry experience led him to become highly successful in Publishing and Synch Licensing. His music can be heard all over the world in TV, Film, Advertising and other digital media, successfully earning placements on ads for top brands of the likes of:

Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Ninja Tunes and Gatorade among others. TV music placements with FOX’s “Almost Family”, MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”, Netflix’s Original “Twenty Somethings: ,VICE TV, and more.

Holders will benefit from a percentage of streaming royalties as well as a percentage from creator royalties from secondary sales.

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Copies of each song


Secondary market royalties to holders

The benefits

Artist Support Rewards

  • Exclusive 1 on 1 licensing mentorships
  • Work with Bam in his studio (Kansas City MO only) for day. Produce music!
  • Custom music for artists / singers
  • Free access to all online shows

Artist Music Airdrops

  • Remixes of “Way of Life”
  • Exclusive beat drops
  • WL for Bam Keith CHOAS music/comic NFT drops


  • Original digital art drawing by ZEES
  • Bam will produce your own THEME SONG

Merch drops

Based on mint success. Holders will be sent custom merch at random:

  • 20% sales = Merch pack 1
  • 50% sales = Merch pack 2
  • 75% sales = Merch pack 3
  • 100% sales = Merch pack 4


Most frequently asked questions and answers

The initial mint will be on 29th May, 2022. Secondary market sales will be verified over at:

NFT royalties will be paid monthly.

Bam Keith receives 10% of every aftermarket sale. 20% of those royalties will be transferred to a public Bam’s Community wallet.

On a monthly basis, we’ll take a snapshot of holder wallets and transfer the fair share of those royalties to every single rights holder (NFT holder).

You can link your wallet address to the Soundpickr Browser player and listen to your entire list of songs without having to log in every time to reproduce each song.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to listen to the song on your wallet or locally by downloading your mp3.

The song is also available on all music streaming platforms.

Absolutely! The key value for holders is that the song will continue to grow on streaming platforms and holders will continue to earn for as long as they’re keeping their NFT.