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NFT Questions Answered

Your NFT questions answered We’ve been around for a while now. When we talk to our music partners (or potential new ones) we hear a series of questions and concerns that seem to be consistent across the board.  We’ve compiled some of those questions and answered them for you. I

NFT record label

Record labels & NFTs: more than just friends

Record labels & NFTs: more than just friends It’s not news that record labels are exploring how to capitalise on the NFT boom. Not just that, they have incredible catalogues that fans cannot wait to get their hands on. In this post, we explore how labels can benefit from new

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Music creators & NFTs… Should you get into it?

Music creators & NFTs… Should you get into it? If you’re an artist and are considering creating NFTs, this post will answer some of your questions. You can benefit from music NFTs whether you’re fully independent or part of a label. Music NFTs landscape Ask anybody in the music world

Music NFTs

Music NFT types

Music NFT types: What are they and should I use them? How many music NFT types are there and how can they benefit you? For decades, the industry has been dominated by middlemen and streaming services but now, through the power of NFTs and other cryptographic tools, that dynamic is likely