Your NFT questions answered

We’ve been around for a while now. When we talk to our music partners (or potential new ones) we hear a series of questions and concerns that seem to be consistent across the board. 

We’ve compiled some of those questions and answered them for you.

I fear my fans will not like the idea and won't by my music NFTs

Some artists experience a certain level of resistance from their existing fans when they announce a new NFT drop.

For those existing fans that do not have any experience in buying NFTs (or crypto), we’ve built our proprietary credit/debit card checkout. 

This way, existing fans can enjoy NFTs from their favourite artists without the need for KYC, or having to go through the hustle of buying cryptocurrencies before purchasing NFTs.

Another important element to consider is that the NFT space has a very engaged audience. Rather than trying to just engage with existing fans to buy your new NFTs, engaging with the NFT community is a great strategy for success. 

NFTs are terrible for the environment

Environmental impact has been a very hot topic in the music industry. 

We get it. There’s a lot of FUD around NFTs and some of the information available makes NFTs look extremely grim. 

Our marketplace is built on Solana, the fastest and most energy efficient blockchain technology. To put it into perspective, Spotify alone generates 52x more carbon emissions than the Solana blockchain. 

So if you’re an artist concerned about the environment but still would like to enter the web3 space, you’re in the right place.

As an artist, it doesn't cost me anything to release music to DSPs and I dislike the idea of paying fees to release NFTs

We agree. 

Music artists can distribute music worldwide from the comfort of their homes without paying a single penny. So why pay to get your music in the blockchain? 

We’ve built our smart contracts and processes to make sure artists pay nothing to create NFTs. 

We don’t charge any upfront costs and require no exclusivity for secondary market, so that you have all the control you deserve.

I'm concerned about NFT platforms holding my funds

It can be very frustrating. Having to constantly go to the platform, claim funds, and wait for them to arrive to your account. 

We’ve created the platform so that creators get paid directly. Soundpickr will never keep or hold any funds, while giving you the most detailed data about how your NFTs are being traded, and the earnings you’re generating over time.