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Decoding the Soundpickr Formulas

We’re constantly adding new data points and useful formulas to analyse the value of each artist, as well as the projection of their work in real life and on web3. We’ve divided our formulas into two sets: Revenue formulas & Engagement Formulas

Revenue formulas

The revenue formulas are generated to offer an overview of how music artists perform in the real world.

Just like with any investment it’s valuable to check any historical data, analyse what the artist is doing to improve their value and keep growing to become an A-List artist.


Listener Generated Value
Estimated Streaming Value
Artist Market Value

This formula calculates the value listeners generate for artists via streaming services.

This is important as it shows commitment and engagement, as well as a perspective on the quality of the music and how much fans consume it.

This formula calculates the revenue generated from streaming platforms.

This is one of our newest formulas that shows data from 2022. We cannot offer historical values at this stage.

This value combines all revenue calculations both in web2 and web3. 

This allows us to level the playing field for artists that are influential in web3 and rank them alongside web2 artists.

The value of music changes through time and so does the way listeners engage with their favourite artists.

With Soundpickr, you’re able to get in a global overview of how artists are growing both in web2 and web3.

For NFTs, we believe the value will improve based on the supply & demand, as well as their activity in the real world.

That’s the reason why Soundpickr offers all data points available for music enthusiasts to make NFT purchases backed by the most detailed data.

Other Formulas

Fan Engagement Ratio

This is a percentage based formula that gives a perspective of the engagement rate each artist has on social media and DSPs.

Engagement is important. Sometimes, the influence a music artist has on social media doesn’t fully translate to streaming numbers.

The power of social media is still very valuable and artists can generate value and traction simply by incentivising their engaged audiences. Having a large audience can be impressive but we believe in engagement as a driving force.

Our Fan Engagement Ratio offers that overview on how fans engage with each music artist.

Valuable data to measure investment potential

On top of our formulas, Soundpickr also shows that’s easier to observe like the total number of followers, listeners or even the popularity of their NFTs (trading volume, floor price…).

Music is an asset that grows in value through time and as music artists keep growing in popularity, so does their music.

Same can happen with their NFTs.

We’re firm believers in data and we will continue improving our data points and formulas to offer the best analysis in the music space.