Marius' first music NFT for Eurovision

The Swiss contestant for Eurovision 2022, Marius Bear, is releasing his song “Boys Do Cry” as a music NFT.

Holders will benefit from 20% mechanical royalties (streaming platforms) as well as 20% from creator royalties from secondary sales.


Total supply


Streaming & secondary market royalties to holders


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Eurovision is one of the longest running and largest music events in the world.

In 2021, it was viewed by more than 180M viewers and some of the competing songs went on to topping the music charts. 

Owning an NFT that pays you revenue from a chart topping song can boost your portfolio and become one of the most lucrative music NFT investments

The initial mint will be on 14th April, 2022 and will go live at $100 ($85 for whitelisted users). Secondary market sales will be verified over at our partners:

There are 2,500 copies of Boys Do Cry when the initial mint is completed. 150 units will be kept for marketing purposes.

Every unsold piece by 13th May, 2022 will be burnt and taken away from circulation – reducing the overall supply and increasing the potential returns for all those who supported the project from launch.

NFT royalties will be paid monthly.

Streaming royalties will be paid quarterly. This is due to how irl royalties are paid from streaming

Marius Bear receives 10% of every aftermarket sale. 20% of those royalties will be transferred to a public Marius Community wallet.

On top of that, 20% of streaming royalties will be also distributed to that central wallet address. On a quarterly basis, we’ll take a snapshot of holder wallets and transfer the fair share of those royalties to every single rights holder (NFT holder).

On a regular basis, we’ll search for the lowest priced NFT and purchase it to then burn it (destroyed and removed from circulation). This way, we can push the overall price upwards and remove any low value NFTs from circulation.

You can link your wallet address to the Soundpickr Browser player and listen to your entire list of songs without having to log in every time to reproduce each song.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to listen to the song on your wallet or locally by downloading your mp3.

The song is also available on all music streaming platforms.

Absolutely! The key value for holders is that the song will continue to grow on streaming platforms and holders will continue to earn for as long as they’re keeping their NFT.