Soundpickr NFT


A limited edition of unique 3D animations of our proprietary NFT mascot: Pickies. Get your leading role within the community that’s redefining the music NFT space.

Soundpickr NFT
Soundpickr NFT
Soundpickr NFT
Soundpickr NFT



purchased using 10% of minting funds (projects to be chosen by community)

Voting Rights

Voting rights for SoundpiCare updates & future roadmaps

Guaranteed Whitelist

Guaranteed whitelist for upcoming mints on Soundpickr (Pickies Genesis + Music Artist Collections)

Merch drops

We want to reward holders with irl items. For that reason, we'll be dropping exclusive Soundpickr & collabs merch

Buyback option to early holders

We've set benchmarks based on revenue generated by our marketplace. All stepping stones are publicly shared on our Discord

Our DAO: SoundpiCare

Our process would pay PickrMastr’s a percentage for carrying out the charitable process of searching, selecting and funding new music through SoundpiCare. This will also serve as incentive to increase the value of our special editions (Pickies Glass, PickiElements).

This is our way of supporting the music environment whilst rewarding those investors who trusted us from the start. For anyone who misses the chance to get a special edition, do not worry! Once we mint our large collection you’ll be able to access the DAO benefits

Soundpickr DAO

How's the DAO funded?

Our NFTs

Revenue generated from future Pickies mints will reside in our DAO

20% of revenue

generated from secondary sales of any Pickie

20% of revenue

generated from selling our upcoming Metaverse player

100% of revenue

generated from SoundpiCare commissioned songs

Building a community for music

With this system, we also want to encourage you all to keep your Pickies for longer (whether special editions or Genesis) so that we can make those editions the most sought-after NFTs in the Solana network!

Soundpickr Discord

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Join our growing community and be the first one to know the latest updates ahead of our next NFT mint