We like making things easy for our partners and the artists we work with. Check out a summary of the T&C’s and some of the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Store fees

Our pricing is very transparent. Soundpickr collects 5% commission from all in-store purchases. The remaining funds are transferred directly to the creators’ wallet. 

Credit card purchases might take a bit longer to be transferred due to our card processor partner. 

Music & visual IP

When releasing NFTs with us, you guarantee you’re the owner (or have permission from the owner) of all creative elements including visual and music. 

Only verified artists can release music autonomously with Soundpickr. 

Our verification process is simple and effective, and allows artists to enter the web3 space while reassuring buyers that the IP is original.

MetaPlayer & Web3 royalties

As your web3 partner, you may give us permission to collect web3 royalties and to share your songs with our GameFi partners for micro-licenses and placements for in-game music.

These royalties are collected and paid straight to the creator’s wallet via the blockchain.

Same fees as full song purchases apply for royalty collection (5%). This makes it the lowest cut in the market for royalty collection. 


Absolutely. The process is quite simple and we’ll never claim ownership of the NFT songs we reproduce in metaverses. 

Soundpickr is the largest music database in web3. We’re equipped with advanced dashboards with all the data about how your music NFTs are being consumed (bought or reproduced in GameFi).

Our system is transparent and cost efficient. While labels are actively licensing music in metaverses, our solution makes it way easier and financially viable for metaverses.

We’re the option of choice for a number of GameFi companies and we keep growing our network of partners. 

More GameFi companies are choosing a transparent way of consuming music rather than paying big fees upfront for music.

Soundpickr elevates labels’ sync efforts while collecting royalties fast and easy.